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Welcome Horror Fans!

We are a rare breed.  Our love of the genre knows no boundaries and neither does our proficiency!  Our brains ooze with slasher kill counts and final girl daydreams all while the verse “Klaatu Barada Nikto” repeats itself like a broken record within our cranium.  Some would consider this knowledge a waste of memory, nerd fodder, potentially even creepy.  But here at BETTER LUCK THAN CHUCK we admire your dedication to the demented, your insight into the fright!

BETTER LUCK THAN CHUCK is the world’s first horror trivia game show that tests your love of the dark and demented!  Watch from home or apply to become a contestant to see if you’re smart enough to win a trip to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights and more!   Each episode, you will be cordially invited into the basement of our hosts The Widow and Charlie to partake in a contest chock full of creative cate-GORYs, hair-raising challenges, and an eerily good time.  Sounds like a nightmarish dream come true, right?!